Why Study GCSE Religious Studies?

The study of GCSE Religious Studies allows pupils to build their knowledge and understanding of both Christianity and Islam alongside vital skills for the next step in their careers. This qualification will allow students to apply a wide range of concepts allowing them to confidently interpret, contextualise and analyse the expressions of religions and world views they encounter.

Students will develop analytical and critical thinking skills to enable them to present a wide range of well-informed and reasonable arguments, aiding in progression to AS and A level study

What will you study?

We undertake the Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies Specification B: Beliefs in Action. Covering the following units:

Religion, Philosophy and Social

Justice: Christianity (50%)

Section 1 – Christian Beliefs

Section 2 – Religious Experience

Section 3 – Living the Christianity Life

Section 4 – Equality

Religion and Ethics:

Islam (50%)

Section 1 – Muslim Beliefs

Section 2 – Marriage and the Family

Section 3 – Living the Muslim Life

Section 4 – Matters of Life and Death


Pupils will undertake two exam papers each 1 hour and 45 minutes in length .

Each paper is worth 50% of the final grade respectively.

Paper 1: Religion, Philosophy and Social Justice: Christianity (50%)

Paper 2: Religion and Ethics: Islam (50%)

Pupils are assessed under two headings:


Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of religion and belief, including:

    • Beliefs, practices and sources of authority

    • Influence on individuals, communities and societies

    • Similarities and differences within and/or between religions and Beliefs


Analyse and evaluate aspects of religion and belief, including their significance and influence

Further Education or Potential Career Outcomes

Religious Studies is a broad subject that encompasses many areas of study. As a result the subject benefits students in developing a wide variety of skills both academically and socially. A levels involving philosophy, theology and ethics enjoy a very high status with employers and universities.